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Restaurant Chalet del lagoThe choice of wine is an important part of our social life, but too often lived with the fear of not being equal, we prefer to avoid mistakes and seek the assistance of a sommelier or a wine shop.

Wandering among the thousands of labels of wine currently produced in the world is not easy, but you can follow a series of recommendations that can facilitate the choice. It's still important to keep in mind that personal taste is undoubtedly an essential factor that has to do with the cultural roots of each of us.

The tables of food and wine combinations can therefore be only an introduction to the personal wine list that each of us must be created, to be always in the cellar and what they like to be able to order at a restaurant without hesitation.
In terms of matching food and wine there are several schools of thought, especially Italian and French.
Among them, we selected two that seem simple and comprehensive. The first, which comes from France, is a handbook that teaches a broad host a dinner from start to finish. As for a real table of combinations, we chose one made by the Enoteca Italian, which looks at virtually all variations of dishes that can be put on the table.


Restaurant Chalet del lagoDecalogue of the French school

  • No great white dessert wine should be served with red meats and game
  • No big red wine can be served with fish, crustaceans and molluscs
  • White wines should be served before red wines
  • The light wines should be served before strong
  • The wines are served before those fresh at room temperature
  • The wines should be served according to increasing alcohol
  • Each dish is matched his wine
  • The wines are always served in their best season
  • Each wine must be separated from the next with a drink of water - in a meal you should not serve only a great wine


Enoteca Italian Table


Dry sparkling wine for each method (1-4 years, 7° C)

Appetizers lean fish, chicken salad

White, dry acidity, even slightly sparkling (1-2 years, 10° C)


Dry white and soft (1-2 years, 10° C)


White, slightly sweet (1-3 years, 10-12° C)

Prawn cocktail or scampi

Aromatic white (1-2 years, 10° C)


Light and fruity rosé (1 year, 12° C)

Italian antipasti of raw sausages without pickles

Rosé or light red spirited young (1-2 years, 12-14° C)

Raw vegetables with dip

Soft white lightly scented (1 year, 10° C)

Fried eggs

Soft, dry white and young (1 year, 10° C)

Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese

White or pink light of nature (1-2 years, 10° C)

Frittatas and omelets

Rosato-bodied (2 years, 12-14° C)

Broth and soups

Continue with the wine served during the hors d'oeuvre

Vegetable soup and pasta e fagioli

Light and fruity rosé (1 year, 13° C)

Risotto with mushrooms

Red light and lively (1-2 years, 14° C)

Risotto al Barolo

Red Young (1-3 years, 14-16° C)

Champagne Risotto

The same wine used in the preparation (1-2 years, 7-8° C)

Risotto with vegetables

Dry white soft (1-2 years, 10° C)

Seafood Risotto

Dry white structured (1-2 years, 12° C)

Risotto with sausage

Red sparkling young (1-2 years, 15° C)

Seafood pasta

Soft white, dry or slightly sweet (1-2 years, 10-12° C)

Pasta with vegetables

Dry white soft (1-2 years, 12° C)

Pasta with tomato

Acidity of fresh dry white (1-2years, 10° C)

Pasta with meat

Rosato, young red (1-2 years, 12-16° C)

Puddings and pies

Dry white or rose slightly in nature (1-2 years, 10-14° C)

Vegetable pies

Well-structured rosé or red wine and very young (1-2 years, 12-16° C)

Raw seafood

Aromatic whites (1-2 years, 8-10° C)

Cooked seafood

Not too dry and fruity white (2-3 years, 10° C)

Grilled fish and fried

Dry white or rose slightly in nature (1-3 years, 10-14° C)

Fish, baked or stewed

Medium-bodied rosé (1-2 years, 12-14° C)

Fish soup and broth

Pinkish or red-bodied and ready to drink young (1-2 years, 14-16° C)

Boiled fish with mayonnaise

Soft, dry white (1 year, 10° C)

White meat chicken

Dry white or pinkish in nature (1-2 years, 10-14° C)

Rabbit meat

Red moderately young, light-bodied and crisp (2-3 years, 14° C)


Young red light (1-2 years, 14° C)


Medium-bodied dry red (2 years, 16° C)


Medium-bodied dry red (2 years, 16° C)

Liver and kidney

Red-bodied red or young (1-3 years, 12-16° C)

Grilled red meat

Red vigorous medium-aged (2-5 years, 18° C)

Red meat stew

Red also lively medium-aging (1-3 years, 16° C)

Stew meats

Good red cloth and aging (2-5 years, 18° C)

Boiled meats and cooked meats

Red also lively and generous young (1-3 years, 16-18° C)

Small game

Red wine good body and aging (3-5 years, 18° C)

Feathered game

Red wine good structure and aging (4-8 years, 18° C)

Sleeping game

Big Red excellent harmony (5 years old, 18-20° C)

Fresh cheeses

Soft white (1-2 years, 10° C)

Blue cheese

Elegant white or pink young (1-2 years, 10-12° C)

Blue cheese

Red, medium bodied and well aged (2-5 years, 18° C)

Hard cheeses

Red-bodied and aging (3-8 years, 18-20° C)

Hot cheese

Red-bodied or liqueur (8 years old, 18-20° C)

Panettone and similar

Or semi-sparkling aromatic white (1-2 years, 7° C)

Cake Heaven

Slightly aromatic sweet white (1 year, 7-8° C)

Fruit tart

White or red semi-dry or sweet, aromatic and fruity sparkling wine (1-2 years, 7-8° C)

Bakery products

Sweet and mellow or sweet liqueur (2 years old, 7-10° C)


Sweet white and sparkling wine (1-2 years, 7-10° C)

Creme raw or cooked

White liquor or aging (2 years old, 7-8° C)


No wine

Fresh fruit

White sweet and fruity (1-2 years, 7-8° C)

Dried Fruit

Aromatic sweet red or sweet liqueur (from 2 years old, 7-8° C)

Fresh fruit or fruit salad with citrus presence

No wine

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